Company Identity

Are you looking for a holiday home which is not too far away from your home?

We have been acquiring and maintaining holiday homes for more than two decades and we know exactly what you are looking for when you are looking at holiday homes to be hired for that superb time that you intend to have with or family and close friends.

Neither too near not too far:

We understand that when you want to decide on the place to vacation, you need the right balance. The place has to neither be too near to your existing house nor too far away from it because you need to cut extensive travelling time and instead spend quality relaxing time when on a vacation.

Our company has the distinction of holding the best and the most number of properties across the US so that you get the chance to visit more places in lesser time. Besides 90 percent of the holiday homes that we have are in the premium category but are in the most competitive and affordable prices when compared with other holidays homes across the board.

Watch a video here:

To feast your eyes on the best locations and the most choicefully decorated holiday homes, we suggest you watch the video here. The amenities and the facilities in the video are the same and the standard one that we offer across our homes. Most of the houses are seaside properties and have large decks for you and your family to spend time in the evening.

You get what you see:

Our company has been in the limelight ever since it started for its ethical practices. We promise you only what you see and what you want. There are no extraordinary claims made by us and if there is any wanting in the services on our behalf, we will happily want to do it for you so that your vacation is one of the best few that you want to remember for the rest of your lives.